First Things First – 7 Tips to Build Your Author Platform

First Things First – 7 Tips to Build Your Author Platform

Click to watch my YouTube video on building your social media platforms

Hey y’all,

It’s nice to sit back and check out my author growth over the past year. It really hit me how far I’ve come while I was in the middle of making a requested YouTube video on social media platforms for authors.

Without social media I would’ve never hooked up with my FABULOUS author friends who are now a part of my circle. I would have never built my author tribe at Jen Lowry Writes Podcast, where we challenge each other, hold each other accountable, and learn along the way! I could keep going how God has opened AMAZING opportunities for me through the use of my author social media accounts. You need to make sure you start yours today!

  1. Set up a gmail account specifically for your author brand. was available, which meant I could use this email along with all of my other author account names and match them!
  2. Create a name that is easy to remember. You want people to be able to find you! If you type in Jen Lowry Writes, you’ll get all of my platforms popping up in a Google search.
  3. Get a free Canva account. Start making images, quotes, promotions, etc. Trust me, it’s amazing. Follow my YouTube channel. I’ve made videos specifically on author uses for Canva –
  4. Set up Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Goodreads. Link them! Share! Spend five minutes a day connecting with authors, readers, and educators. Find your target audience and follow them! Create events on Facebook, and hold Facebook Live parties! Everything stores for later, and when readers find you they can access your old material! Even if you meet one new person, you’ve connected! Stay positive. It will grow.
  5. If you want to start a podcast, I suggest you try Anchor. If you love listening to podcasts, find my author podcast and join my tribe of over 12,000 active listeners –
  6. If you want to be on AuthorTube – start your YouTube channel today! Start making content! Get comfortable in front of a camera. It will help you in the long run when you’ll be face to face with readers at events. Trust me.
  7. Keep your content consistent, authentic, and share! People love to know about you, your author process, and your WIP! Stay active. Take time. Help others. Stay positive. Help promote other authors. Use social media for good.

I CHALLENGE YOU! After you watch my YouTube video, if you have any specific questions or would like to request a new author video, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below or email me at and ask away!


Jen Lowry

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Jen Lowry is a YA author with Swoon Romance! Sweet Potato Jones is on preorder and will be released on August 18, 2020! She's also published 19 other books and coaches authors! She's a Christian, homeschool momma, Literacy Coach and teacher! She's fueled on the Holy Spirit and coffee! Find Jen @jenlowrywrites or

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