My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Author Channels – You Need to Subscribe Today!

I encourage all of you to research and learn all you can about writing as a craft as well as the industry side of the business. I often get asked how do I know so much – I watch YouTube DAILY! I love my author YouTubers and wanted to share with y’all my top favorites. There is nothing better than having a YouTube video playing while I’m updating my social media sites, writing, and researching articles. Guess what, I’m listening to how to make an audio book by Jenna Mordeci right now as I’m typing this!

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  1. Ellen Brock – Hands down my favorite editor to watch. If I had a dream come true, and money to spare, Ellen Brock would be my personal editor! Because I’m on a teacher salary and not at full-time writer status yet, I do the second best thing – I get all of her writing advice on her channel! I can actually listen to her all day talk about writing (I have before, trust). You seriously need to subscribe to her channel. Seriously.
Ellen Brock – My Favorite Editor Channel

2. Bethany Atazedah – I’ve learned tons from this lady! You need to check her out and subscribe! I’ve got the bell hit on this one because I keep up with all of the episodes! Thanks to Bethany, I published my first two children’s books following her series!

Love her tutorials! They are so easy to follow! Trust me!

3. Mandi Lynn – I love this channel! Mandi Lynn gets real and shares behind the scenes info that has really helped me with my author career! Follow her! She also collaborates with Bethany Atazedah and they have an author book series out there! Wish I had my copies now – it’s on my to buy list once this teacher gets some cash! Thanks to Mandi Lynn, I now have book trailers for all of my books and love them. I used her videos, along with Bethany Atazedah’s to create my own book trailers on iMovie.

Check out her informative videos! You will advance your goals!

4. Self Publishing with Dale – Go there, now! Click subscribe. Thank me later! He has tons of author advice! I have so many of his videos to watch within the next couple of weeks because I’m moving over to ACX for audio versions of all of my books. He has so many videos that we need to watch – look at his catalog!

5. Alexa Donne – I love her videos. She is so personable and straight forward! She also gives author hacks, and I’m learning new ways to research, to real talk, to editing. She has it. We need to learn it. Go check her out and subscribe!

Alexa Donne

These are my top five author YouTube channels. Go forth. Watch and learn, my author community!

If you have a favorite YouTuber I missed, make sure you drop it in the comments below. I’m always looking to add to my subscriptions and knowledge base. AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SUBSCRIBED TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL YET…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…HELP ME WITH MY OWN AUTHOR GOALS TO GROW MY OWN PLATFORM!!!


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Jen is the author of clean books for all ages. She has eleven published books, and another YA Contemporary Romance, Sweet Potato Jones, with Swoon Romance, publishing 2020! To check out Jen’s published works, please visit Barnes & Noble!

Jen Lowry, Author, Teacher, Speaker

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Jen Lowry is a YA author with Swoon Romance! She is also a #1 Best-Selling author of challenge devotionals on Amazon under her name - Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry! This summer she has published children's books, Middle Grades Fantasy books, and new YA titles! The Raptor Revolution hit #1 New Release, and she also hit bestselling status on My Boyfriend's Back Angels in Love and The Clay in the Potter's Hands Southern POetry!

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