Author Talk: Editing Technique – Wear a Master Sergeant Hat

Alright recruits! Line up! Who do you think you are boasting you are ready? HA! HA! HA! (Joker laugh) I’ll show you who is ready! I’m the only one ready in this room. Now, I dare you to talk back. Let me show you how it’s done …

Yeah, you might think I’m taking this role play a little too seriously, but in fact, I’m not! I had to reframe my thinking when it came to my own editing. I will tell you that I was so weak in this area that I’m shamefaced about it. Let me just tell you one thing – we can learn! That means you, too!

But sometimes it takes a visualization technique. So, put up your sweet, Sunday school hat that matches those shoes. Switch it now and in a hurry. Your book depends on it.

In honor of my father who served 21 years (Korea and Vietnam Wars) as a proud member of the Army, I dedicate my editing process idea to him. The Master Sergeant ARMY STRONG hat fits very nicely while you are editing. These chapters aren’t your babies. They are your recruits, ready to go out and battle the bookshelves. You think you have to hold on to every word? You think you can use excuses that editors are the key to success (and they can be), and you don’t have to learn the tricks? I was THAT person. We have to grow and take on this career full force with a passion and dedication to improve our craft, including our editing.

Let us all wear that hat. Put it on, my fellow writers. Try it on for size the next time you sit in front of your WIP! WHIP IT INTO SHAPE! Bark at it. Make it do push ups. Make it work hard to stay around.

If you want to listen to the podcast where I talk more on how this is working out for me – click here –

Your reader deserves the very best, and how can we ensure that we do that?

Wear that sergeant hat and get to work. NOW!


Jen Lowry

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Jen Lowry is a YA author with Swoon Romance! She is also a #1 Best-Selling author of challenge devotionals on Amazon under her name - Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry! This summer she has published children's books, Middle Grades Fantasy books, and new YA titles!

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