Words Crash Like Waves

Words Crash Like Waves

Inside My Head


A Sentence Here Or There

Dialogue Pieced Like Strands

Of Jewelry Made By A Child

Mismatched Colored Beads

Not Worn But Kept Hidden

In A Ballerina Box

Buried In My Brain

Worn With A Smile

Of Contentment

Of How All These Words

Crash Like Waves Inside My Head

I love to play around with poetry now. Before I didn’t take too many liberties as the poet even though it was my own expression. I have learned over time that the poetry I create is all mine and no one has to cling to it. It’s not forced on anyone else. It just decides to wake up one day and show itself. It lives. I don’t control it anymore.

So, why did you make all the words cap? It isn’t matching APA format. Waves of words like these are powerful. They are stronger to me than the lowercase i. They are loud. They must be capital. No other way to describe how it makes me feel other than BOOM! If you read the way my poem is structured, who gets the wave? Who sees how I liked to shape this one ? I see it even if no one else gets that it was an up and down crest of a magnificent wave abating to rise again but not crash because it is meant to let the eye keep roaming upwards off the page towards my brain.

Weird to probably everyone else but me. I’m okay with that. Welcome to my author life. Stick around and subscribe to my blog for more …



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Jen Lowry is a YA author with Swoon Romance! She is also a #1 Best-Selling author of challenge devotionals on Amazon under her name - Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry!

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